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Eyes • Lips • Neck

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Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

Complete eye revitalization
On Sale through 2/29/2016 $17.50 $15.50

Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On

Massaging roll-on eye treatment

CoQ10 Eye Cream

Firming coQ10
On Sale through 3/31/2016 $39.00 $33.00

CoQ10 Neck Cream

Firming coQ10

Eye Treatment Essence Peptides

Potent wrinkle-fighting serum
On Sale through 2/29/2016 $42.50 $31.50

Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes

20 minutes to brightness

Eye Off-Shade

Brighten dark circles

Eye Wrinkle Stick

Plump with collagen

Eyelash Tonic

Lash rescue

Lip Cream

Moisturizing lip care

Vitamin C White Stick

Brightening, matte lip balm

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs

Multipurpose must-have

Concentrated Eye Cream

Hydrate thin, delicate skin

Eye Bright

Depuffing eye gel