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Hair Care Everything you need to cleanse, condition, style and care for your hair.
Body Care
Body Care Convenient, unique botanical-rich care—from your shoulders to your toes. See More

Hair & Body

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On Sale through 2/28/2015 $15.00 $12.50

Body Cleansing Sheet Powder

Instant refreshment

Body Cleansing Sheets

Quick, portable cleansing

Camu-Camu Hand Care Essence

Brightening, firming hand care

CoQ10 Hand Cream

Firming coQ10 for hands

Hand Soap

Antibacterial hand cleanser

Head Oil

Scalp purifier

Light & Smooth Conditioner

Moisturize dry locks

Light & Smooth Shampoo

Revitalize dry hair

Mild Body Shampoo

Soothing aloe cleanser
$9.00 - $11.50

Milky Hair Wax

Define your style

Moist Conditioner

Moisturize and shine
Discontinued $19.00 $11.40

Nuance Hair Wax

Versatile styling cream

Olive Body Butter

Skin-softening moisturizer

Olive Hand Cream

Nourishing moisture

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs

Multipurpose must-have

Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish

Exfoliating scrub

Q10 Body Soap

Firming coQ10 body bar
On Sale through 1/31/2015 $5.00 $4.00

Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo

Age-defying, volumizing shampoo

Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Treatment

Age-defying, volumizing conditioner

Rich & Moisturizing Treatment

Deep hair conditioning
On Sale through 2/28/2015 $15.00 $11.00

Scalp Massage Pack

Breathe new life into your hair

White Soap 3-Pack

Gentle everyday soap bars