Núñez de Prado EVOO Tasty Tips

Núñez de Prado EVOO Tasty Tips

Complex flavors of our award-winning Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil take simple ingredients from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Chickpeas and sardines need nothing more than a ribbon of olive oil to meld their flavors into a savory salad. Finish with feta and slivers of red onion.

2. Drizzle Serrano ham with Núñez de Prado for a treat that's simply luxurious.

3. Marinate olives in olive oil, strips of orange rind, thyme and rosemary, and let sit overnight for a Mediterranean flavor.

4. Elevate juicy sautéed shrimp with Núñez de Prado and a pinch of piquant smoked paprika.

5. Guests to the Núñez de Prado Estate sample luscious oranges drizzled in olive oil and honey—a surprising treat you can easily replicate. We added mint for a colorful garnish.

6. Dollops of creamy goat cheese, tangy balsamic vinegar, and a swirl of grassy-flavored Núñez de Prado balance the decadent sweetness of Medjool dates.

7. Garnishes of pickled caperberries and Pimentón lend a decidedly Spanish feel.

8. Enhance the flavor of buttery Marcona almonds with a quick sauté in Núñez de Prado; finish with a sprinkle of sea salt or fleur de sel.

9. Indulge without guilt—this sumptuous cake is made with olive oil, not butter.


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