Cole's Wild Mackerel in Piripiri Sauce

Ready-to-eat gourmet fish
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A deliciously simple way to get more iron in your diet, Cole's Wild Mackerel in Piripiri Sauce from DHC is perfect for lunchtime or a zesty snack. Dressed in a piquant sauce, this flavorful treat is boneless and ready to eat.

Serving size: 1 can drained, (77g), about 1/3 cup; Servings per container: 1; Calories: 216; Fat: 18.5g (sat. 4.5g, trans. 0.15g); Chol: 26mg; Sodium: 254mg; Carb: 0g; Protein: 15g


portuguese mackerel, olive oil, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, laurel, clove and sea salt

How To Use

Open package and enjoy.

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