5 Common Causes of Acne

Long after the bad-skin phase of your teenage years, acne seems to find its way back into your daily life. Those red, angry bumps can pop up anywhere, anytime and on anyone—but why? We'll explain the top five causes of acne and the simple ways you can fight back.


There’s no definitive scientific explanation for the correlation between acne and stress, but what scientists do know is that sebum-producing cells have receptors for stress hormones. When you’re stressed, sebum production ramps up which makes skin more susceptible to breakouts.

Solution: find an outlet for your stress, or even a few different ones to rotate through, that easily fit your lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Try these …  

  • Unplug every night and reach for a book before bed
  • Light an aromatic candle and do some yoga/stretching
  • Relax in the bath with your favorite clay or sheet mask
  • Jot down your thoughts in a journal or write snail mail to friends
  • Get physical: go on daily walks or start hitting the gym

Model yoga


Those breakouts you get during that time of the month is your body reacting to the influxes in hormones, specifically testosterone. Women tend to be more sensitive to it because their bodies can’t use it normally. So, what do with the extra hormones? Purge it in the form a cystic zit, that’s what.

Solution: prescriptive medication can help combat severe breakouts due to the hormonal imbalances. Always consult a doctor first to determine if that’s the right option for you.


Genes play a big part in how often you breakout. It determines your skin type and sensitivities to hormones and responses to bacteria, dirt, and oil. Genes also influence the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the skin. Those factors are why you might get acne and some other people don’t, even if you have identical diets, lifestyle, etc.

Solution: a good skincare regimen—simple as that!


Your skin comes into contact with dirt and bacteria on a daily basis simply by exposing it to the outside environment.

Solution: avoid touching your face so as not to add the oil and bacteria on your fingers to the mix. If you do feel an oncoming zit, zap it with sulfur-based Acne Spot Therapy to clear it up.


Sugar creates a domino effect that leads to an increase in sebum. More sebum means a higher chance of breaking out. While it’s easier said than done, try to cut back on the sweets and sugary drinks. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can help keep the sugar cravings down, so drink up! A balanced diet = a balanced complexion.

Solution: when you need a sugar fix, opt for fruit and other natural sweets instead of candy and chocolate.

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