Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

The Perfect Cat Eye

Everyone loves a good cat eye. It’s classic, timeless and never goes out of style. Creating the perfect cat eye though, now that’s something that should have a manual. Even lines, just the right thickness and wing span are no easy feat. Not to mention trying to get the wing of one eye to match the other!

If you’ve been struggling for years, we sympathize. We’re going to help you become a cat eye pro.

Expert Tip: Before we begin, you should know that the perfect cat eye begins with the right liquid liner. Most eyeliners don’t have a real brush tip. How are you supposed to draw the perfect wing with a bizarre, pokey, felt tip liner that’s more like a Sharpie marker than a makeup brush?

Our Liquid Eyeliner EX blows all other liners away. It was designed with cat eye lovers in mind. It features an ultra-fine Japanese brush tip for crisp definition, so you can draw your wing as thick or thin as you like.

Now that you are in the know, learn from our step by step tutorial.


Attention: The road to the perfect cat eye starts from the outer eye and thins as the line reaches the tear duct. Begin by drawing an upward angled line from the outer corner of the eye—following the curve of the lower lash line. Next, draw a line from the tip of the outer point to the middle of your lash line (creating an empty upward triangle).


Fill in the empty triangle between the tip of your wing to the middle of your lash line. Continue drawing along your lash line, thinning as you get closer to your tear duct.


Clean up your wing with our Olive Virgin Oil Swabs. Quick and easy.


To complete your look, brush on our Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection.

Simple and easy! Now that you’ve mastered the perfect cat, help us eradicate wonky cat eye wings. Spread the word to your friends, neighbors and people everywhere!

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