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Meanwhile in Japan… Tokyo’s Bestselling Beauty

Meanwhile in Japan… Tokyo’s Bestselling Beauty

Meanwhile in Japan… Tokyo’s Bestselling Beauty

Japanese Beauty: A Way of Life 

The Japanese beauty pedigree and love for skincare dates all the way back to the sixth century with Geishas’ famous porcelain skin and red lips. Fast forward to present day, and the goal of beauty products and minimal skincare routines stays the same: clear, beautiful, healthy-looking skin. In Japan, skincare is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life—so much so that beauty and skincare products are readily available at your neighborhood convenience store (known as a conbini). Yes, the Japanese version of our 7 Eleven houses some of the most popular skincare products the industry has to offer, including ours! Conbinis are usually the first stops when searching for the next best thing—everything from oil cleansers to serums to masks are sitting on the shelves waiting to be adopted into your routine. Another popular spot is beauty-specific stores like Ainz & Tulpe. Ainz & Tulpe is basically like the Japanese Ulta for beauty (picture three levels that house all the products you’ve ever dreamed of). There’s also a café on site to keep you refreshed while sifting through the merchandise. We have our own storefronts in Tokyo, too, where you can get all things DHC. The accessibility of beauty and skincare through these convenience stores and beauty-specific storefronts just goes to show how important and necessary skincare really is. In Japan, you are what you put on your face. 

Rising Stars: Which Products Steal the Show? 

So, which skincare stars are stealing the show at all the go-to shops in Tokyo? The first on the list shouldn’t come to a surprise since it’s an OG to the skincare game and a staple in any beginner or aficionado’s routine: Deep Cleansing Oil . Our cleansing oil is used and loved by many because it works hard to dissolve all dirt and makeup (waterproof, too!) with its lightweight texture and simple ingredient list. Japan favors minimalism when it comes to skincare products and routines, which is why this contender continues to stay in everyone’s baskets. Another acclaimed product is our CoQ10 Lotion . This must-have is a gentle antioxidant-rich toning lotion that preps the skin for moisturizer while promoting collagen and elasticity for a firmer, younger-looking complexion. Considering “mochi-hada” (yes, to pillow-soft skin!) is all the rage right now, it’s no wonder this lotion is among the favorites. 

Next on the list is our Mild Lotion , a toning lotion that lives up to its name. It refreshes and calms the skin with cucumber juice extract while also protecting the skin’s natural barrier with humectant-rich glycerin. Less is more in Japanese skincare, and this product uses a small, effective ingredient list to keep your skin fresh and ready to take on the moisture step. Last, but not least, on our list of skincare stars is our Q10 Cream . It’s packed with ingredients that aid soothing and renewal for age-defying skin. If you’re looking to obtain that plump, luminous look, a.k.a. the foundation of beauty in Japan, this cream’s a must-grab during your next skincare shopping spree. 

Beautiful, Youthful Skin: We’ve Got You Covered

Basically, where there’s a will, there’s a way for beautiful, youthful-looking skin, and Japan definitely makes a way to achieve it. Beauty-packed convenience stores are on every corner and huge Ainze & Tulpe and DHC shops are filled with all the hot-right-now products necessary to look like you took a trip to the fountain of youth. Luckily for you, we’ve got everything you need right here to keep your Japanese-inspired routine up to par without leaving your home or taking a trip to Tokyo.


By Alexandra Schultz


Posted 08-26-2019 by DHC
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