Save Your Skin This Winter with This 2-Step Ritual

double cleansing skin for winter

While layering on the scarves and cozy sweaters this month, have you noticed that your skin is more dry and itchy than usual? 

Winter’s frigid outdoor temps and dry, overheated indoor spaces can deplete your skin’s natural moisture, so your first instinct may be to pile on the heavy face creams. 

But before you glide on a pricey serum or slather on an intensive moisturizer, take time for a Japanese ritual designed to help get your skin ready, really ready, to absorb it all.

 Japanese Double Cleansing to the Rescue

Here’s how a double cleanse can help your skin become more silky, well-hydrated and radiant this winter.

Step 1: Oil cleanse

Oil-based cleanser rids skin of impurities that can only be broken down with oil, such as makeup, sebum and sunscreen. Ours gently rinses away with no residue, leaving skin soft and nourished. Apply with dry hands, then massage onto dry face. Rinse thoroughly. 

Step 2: Lathering cleanse

Water-based cleanser lathers away impurities that dissolve in water, such as sweat and pollution. Our gentle formulas do the job without stripping your skin’s moisture, and clear the way for the rest of your skincare routine. Wet face with lukewarm water. Create lather in palms, then massage face to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly.

An Ancient Art Is New Again

Centuries ago, Japanese women applied thick, heavy white makeup, inspired by the delicate beauty of geisha. To dissolve this oil-based makeup, they massaged emollient oils into their skin and rinsed them away with a foaming cleanser. Our taste in makeup has evolved since then, but the basic idea of cleansing with oil has caught on in a big way, even outside Japan. Plus, we’ve brought the oil cleanse into the 21stcentury with advanced ingredients that work hand-in-hand with traditional botanicals. 

Rituals Designed for Your Skin Type

We’ve created a double cleanse ritual for everyone, whether or not you wear makeup—and even if you have oily skin. After double cleansing, your skin is truly ready for a toning lotion, moisturizer and other targeted treatment.

Here are five double cleanse combinations that thoroughly dissolve sebum, sunscreen, sweat, makeup and mascara, leaving skin deeply hydrated without stripping your skin or upsetting its pH balance.

The Hydrating Cleanse: Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil + Olive Soap
Dry winter skin loves this combination. Our most hydrating cleanser, virgin olive oil-enriched Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil, pairs with Olive Soap to rejuvenate and soften.
The Classic Cleanse: Deep Cleansing Oil + Mild Soap
Our Classic Cleanse starts with our most popular product, Deep Cleansing Oil, formulated with nourishing virgin olive oil and gentle cleansers. Mild Soap, with olive oil and honey, lathers up gently to help maintain your complexion’s natural moisture balance.
The Purifying Cleanse: Deep Cleansing Oil + Face Wash
Pair Deep Cleansing Oil with our liquid Face Wash, which energizes with rosemary leaf oil and hydrates with virgin olive oil while dissolving impurities. Perfect for dry, sensitive skin.
The Invigorating Cleanse: Pore Cleansing Oil + Pore Face Wash
Minimize the appearance of pores and battle breakouts with this oil-based cleanser and foaming, exfoliating cream wash. This powerful combo brims with botanicals like grapefruit, orange peel extract, pear juice and olive oil.
The Refreshing Cleanse: Deep Cleansing Oil + Face Wash Powder + Foaming Mesh
The power of virgin olive oil and rosemary refresh and balance skin as you sweep away the day’s grime and makeup. Follow up with lightly exfoliating Face Wash Powder, and for extra rich lather, whip up a creamy mousse with our Foaming Mesh.
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