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Keep Cool All Summer With These After-Sun Skin Tips

Keep Cool All Summer With These After-Sun Skin Tips

Keep Cool All Summer With These After-Sun Skin Tips

When the days get warmer after many months of cold weather, it can feel like you can’t get enough of the summer sun. Hot days have us reaching for our cutest sandals, flirtiest sundresses and longing to achieve golden-hued skin. With all the outdoor fun calling, it’s easy to end up in the sun a little longer than is healthy; remember that UVA and UVB rays can cause visible signs of aging! So, on top of protecting your precious skin with a great sun hat and your favorite SPF, try these two tips to cool down from the heat.

Pop your favorite sheet mask in the fridge

Cooling your sheet mask before application creates a super refreshing experience, especially after a long day in the summer heat. It can help your skin calm down from any inflammation caused by over-exposure to the sun while simultaneously adding hydration back! While in the colder months our skin tends to lose moisture (oil), in the summer we tend to lose hydration (water), so it’s important to stay hydrated—inside and out. Keep some sheet masks, like our Bio Cellulose Mask, in your fridge for a nice wind down after all that fun in the sun.

Add a boost of antioxidants

Make antioxidants your best friend this summer! Along with proper usage of SPF, antioxidant-boosted skincare can help rescue your skin from environmental damage. They work by binding with free radicals, strenghtening your skin’s defenses and helping to undo any oxidative damage. For the summer months, products with vitamin E, like our Extra Nighttime Moisture and Olive Virgin Oil, help maintain your skin’s moisture barrier while helping to provide an antioxidant boost to combat damage. Combine your proper sun protection with an antioxidant-rich after-sun regimen to keep your skin safe all summer long.

Posted 06-10-2019 by DHC
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