Make October Your Month of Hydration

Fall is here! Time to tie on a cozy scarf. Order up a steaming Japanese matcha latte. And change up your skincare regimen with a boost of hydration for the season.

For many of us, October weather means dry air, windy weather and the dreaded overheated office. When you tumble out of bed in the morning and look in the mirror, you're not sure if your skin needs another day of your summer beauty routine or an intensive winter regimen. So we asked three beauty-savvy women we love to share their fall skincare tips and tricks.

Monica Pluemer

Beauty guru Monica Pluemer, DHC's VP of marketing, balances a busy work schedule with a few non-negotiable skincare steps that really show results.

Nicole Sanchez

Influencer Nicole Sanchez, who celebrates 50+ beauty on Instagram and YouTube (@yayornaynicole), has some of the glowiest skin we’ve ever seen at any age.

Alyson Alconis

Alyson Alconis (@thebeautyvanity) focuses on the beauty concerns of Asian American women—and yes, that perfect #nofilter skin you see on her Instagram is the real thing.

On Changing Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Monica is big on antioxidant-rich ingredients like olive oil, which protect the skin against environmental damage and other bad elements that prematurely age the skin. "One change I make this time of year is to include a little pump of Olive Virgin Oil mixed in with my moisturizer. It may sound counterintuitive since I have oily skin, but as the weather gets drier, I sometimes develop patches of dry skin that really benefit from a little extra love, " she says.
Alyson takes a different approach. "For fall, I'd exfoliate more often—like one or two times a week," she notes. "After exfoliating, I'll add a thicker moisturizer on my cheeks and the middle of my forehead."
Nicole pampers her skin with a luxurious mask when fall strikes. "As the weather gets cooler, I tend to use more hydrating masks. I love the DHC Q10 and Bio Cellulose masks."

On Wardrobing Your Skincare

Wardrobing is the art of mixing and matching your skincare products to keep up with shifts in weather, hormones and other factors that have an impact on your skin.
"I can't imagine not wardrobing," says Monica. "Can you imagine eating the same meal every day?" In cool weather, she reaches for Deep Cleansing Oil, while citrus-infused, gently exfoliating Pore Cleansing Oil is her choice in the warmer months to remove sweat, grime and slathered-on sunscreen.
Alyson's a fan, too. In cooler weather, she removes her makeup with Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil "which I love," she said. Another day, it's Pore Cleansing Oil. "It's amaaaazing," she adds. "I've been skincare wardrobing for ages—way before it had a label—because it makes sense," says Nicole, who likes to swap in a creamier moisturizer in the fall.

On a No-Fail Japanese Skincare Ritual

When we quizzed Monica, Alyson and Nicole on cleansing, we definitely picked up a pattern: the Japanese double cleanse.

Japanese Double Cleansing

  • Step 1: Oil cleanse Oil-based cleanser binds with makeup and surface grime to gently rinse away with no residue.
  • Step 2: Lathering cleanse Water-based cleanser deeply cleans without stripping moisture, clearing the way for the rest of your skincare routine.

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"Since adopting the two-step Japanese double cleanse, I have noticed a big difference in my skin," notes Monica. "It's brighter and clearer."
"No matter what, I always double cleanse, even though I don't wear makeup every day," says Alyson. "Double cleansing is crucial at night, to remove makeup from your pores if you're wearing it, and to let your skin rejuvenate."
Nicole, too, insists on a deep cleanse. "Never, ever go to bed without removing every stitch of makeup from your face! Even if you don't wear makeup, still wash your face morning and night to get rid of dust, smog and soot and other pollutants that build up on your skin."

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