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The History of Japanese Double Cleansing

The History of Japanese Double Cleansing

The History of Japanese Double Cleansing

Beauty enthusiasts (and enthusiastic beauties, like Japanese supermodel Rola with 5.3 million IG followers!) are big on the benefits of Japanese double cleansing. Whether you rock the no-frills, no-makeup look or layer on an intricate daily cosmetic masterpiece, you’ll find that simply nothing else deep cleans your skin quite as well. Bonus points for leaving your skin softer and more radiant! 

Japanese double cleansing may be hot now, but it wasn’t invented yesterday—more like centuries and centuries ago. Thank your elegant neighborhood geisha for introducing the ritual to mere mortals like us. Hundreds of years ago, regular Japanese women craved pure white complexions, inspired by the geisha’s delicate beauty. To remove their thick, white oil-based makeup, geisha massaged emollient camellia oil into their skin and rinsed it away, followed by a foaming cleanser, and the practice caught on. 

We took double cleansing to the next level when DHC’s founder, Yoshiaki Yoshida, discovered in the 1970s that the oil of ripe, plump organic olives could effortlessly melt off makeup and benefit your skin in lots more ways than camellia oil. The 100% organic Spanish olive oil we use in our oil cleansers is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from pollution, nurture skin’s natural moisture barrier and balance its pH. It deep cleans every skin type, even oily skin, leaving a healthy glow without any oily residue.


Step 1: Oil cleanse

Oil-based cleanser rids skin of impurities that can only be broken down with oil, such as makeup, sebum and sunscreen. Ours gently rinses away with no residue, leaving skin soft and nourished.


Step 2: Lathering cleanse

Water-based cleanser lathers away impurities that dissolve in water, such as sweat and pollution. Our gentle formulas do the job without stripping your skin’s moisture, and clear the way for the rest of your skincare routine.

Besides our cult-favorite Deep Cleansing Oil (we sell 1 bottle every 10 seconds worldwide!), olive oil stars in Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil, our most hydrating cleanser, and citrus-infused Pore Cleansing Oil, loved by skincare fans with oily and problem skin.

Olive oil is such a powerful hero ingredient that we even feature it in many of our lathering cleansers—like Mild Soap, formulated with olive oil and honey to nourish and soften; and Face Wash, with olive oil and energizing rosemary.

Today’s typical Japanese woman is as devoted to double cleansing as her sisters from centuries ago. Leave it to us to take the cleansing routine they’ve perfected into the 21st century.

Posted 02-28-2019 by DHC
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