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De-stress This Holiday Season With This Facial Massage Technique

De-stress This Holiday Season With This Facial Massage Technique

De-stress This Holiday Season With This Facial Massage Technique

Year after year, we face the holiday season with an abundance of cheer and perseverance—we shop, decorate, gift-give, cook and participate in all the festivities over the last couple of months in the year. With as much fun that can be had during the holiday season, it still can cause exhaustion and, let’s face it, stress. Long days become long nights and we see more people every week than we might ever see in a regular month! More than ever, it’s important to take small moments for yourself and recalibrate your energy—after all, nothing can get done if you aren’t rested and energized! Pushing ourselves to the limit can cause exhaustion which can show up on your face in the form of acne, dark undereye circles and even dryness. On top of the exhaustion of the holiday season, you may also find yourself living your best foodie life and indulging in good (albeit) salty food, which can show up on your face as puffiness. Our beauty solution to this problem? Doing a relaxing Japanese facial massage with Deep Cleansing Oil. It’s a perfect concept; you’re already cleansing your face with Deep Cleansing Oil (and if you aren’t, you should!) so why not make that minute matter by incorporating some depuffing, face-shaping massage techniques? It’s a holiday season solution that puts your best face forward.


The Tanaka Facial Massage

Named after its creator, a famed Japanese esthetician, Yukuko Tanaka, the Tanaka facial massage technique was made to provide contouring and anti-aging results to the skin. By properly massaging your skin, you can help promote blood circulation, in turn reaping a handful of benefits like stress relief, flushing out toxins, relaxation and even wrinkle prevention. This massage technique deserves a place in your nightly skincare routine.


 A Quick & Easy How-To

 While the full Tanaka facial massage is 10 minutes long, we’ve shortened it down to 10 easy steps that you can do in one minute. This massage should be done using a cream or oil so that your face receives pressure and not friction—note that if your skin starts to become red and irritated, you don’t have enough product on! When massaging your face, apply what we like to call “loving pressure”; it should feel like enough pressure to do something, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable. We like to do this massage every night with our Deep Cleansing Oil for two reasons: 1) we’re already massaging Deep Cleansing Oil into our face every night, so we might as well add some beneficial techniques to it and 2) it rinses off easily. If you prefer, this massage can also be done with your night cream or in the daytime with your daily moisturizer.


**Each Step is Repeated Three Times**


Step 1: Pump an ample amount of Deep Cleansing Oil (about 2-3 pumps) into your hands and distribute all over your face


Step 2: Simulate Lymph  Nodes. On the face, your Lymph nodes track down along the perimeter. This means that toxins flush out in an out and downward motion. The massage starts by moving any built-up toxins in the Lymph nodes through a downwards motion, starting at your temples and finishing along the neck.


Step 3: Flush Out Toxins. Continuing on the idea of flushing out toxins in an out and downward motion, you will start the next step at the middle top of your forehead and massage out and downward towards the chin.


Step 4: Depuffing Eyes. When massaging around the eye area, be sure to lighten up your pressure for this delicate area. Start at the outer corners of the eyes and massage inward to depuff under the eyes then outwards across the lids.


Step 5: Lift Your Smile. This next motion focuses on the muscles around your mouth. Start at the base of your chin and lift your smile. Finish the motion by meeting your hands at your cupids bow, then reverse the motion back down to your chin.


Step 6: Cheekbone Lift. To lift the muscles in your cheekbones, you will do this next step motion with a focus on one side at a time. Place one hand at the base of your cheek and the other hand along the other cheek for support. With the hand at the base of your cheek, apply pressure in an upward motion. Repeat on the other side.


Step 7: Face Contouring. Focusing now on both cheeks simultaneously, this motion massages along the cheekbones. Start at the apples of your cheeks and sweep downward and into the hollows of your cheekbones.


Step 8: Scrape Away Toxins. This motion uses the flat edge of your hands to act as a “scraper” and finishes out flushing toxins from your face. Making an L-shape with your hands, rest your chin on your thumbs and cup your nose. Move your hands outward towards your ears, “scraping” away toxins throughout the lymphatic system.


Step 9: Lift & Relax. This motion provides a lifting effect by massaging upwards against gravity. With your middle and ring fingers, massage face in an upward motion, alternating hands, from the chin to the temple. Repeat on the other side.


Step 10: Blur Forehead Lines. Since forehead lines sit horizontally on our face, this vertical motion is intended to combat that. Take your middle and ring finger and run it across your forehead in a zig-zag motion.

Posted 11-22-2019 by DHC
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