The Mascara Diaries

The look of freshly applied mascara goes unmatched—lashes curled and lengthened, looking bold and perfectly placed. But you know the story; as the day wears on, your mascara wears off. That sky-high curl is lost and mascara flakes have found their way to your bottom lash line, doing no favors in giving you that wide-eyed and awake look we love from mascara.

The solution? DHC’s new Super Long Mascara EX. Our new mascara delivers dramatic length and advanced protection using an exclusive Japanese gel formula that blends lash fibers of three different lengths. Super Long Mascara EX’s curved brush makes application easy and precise while adding a gentle curl. Plus, it’s water-resistant and lasts through the day!

To prove just how long-lasting our new mascara is, three of our in-house beauty lovers wore Super Long Mascara EX through a Sunday full of events.  

Perfect Lashes in the Snow
Monica P., VP of Marketing 

“I went out for a day of skiing. This means moisturizer with SPF, tinted mineral powder with SPF, and a little mascara and I’m good to go. 

“Wearing water-resistant mascara while skiing is a must. The inside of my goggles can get steamy, and of course, there’s the occasional wipeout where your face ends up in the snow. It happens! I did take a big fall at the end of my day and I’m not going to lie — there were some tears. But Super Long Mascara did not disappoint. No running, no smudging.

“No day of skiing is complete without a beer with friends at the bottom of the hill. My lashes were on point during the apres-ski merriment. The staying power of this mascara is incredible. Removal, though, comes at a small price. I use a cotton pad with some Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. I gently pat my lashes with the pad to remove most of the mascara. The rest comes off when I gently massage with my fingertips using Deep Cleansing Oil.“

A Day of Dogs, Good Fun and Great Lashes 
Lisa T., Sr. Copywriter

“I put the mascara on at 9 a.m. and met friends at a dog park on San Francisco Bay, so there was a lot of glare (squinting!) and wind. I have heavy lids and sparse lashes naturally but the mascara held up great.

“At 2:00 I laid down on the couch for a nap and the mascara didn’t budge. 

“At 5:30 I went out to dinner and added some glittery pink eye shadow, without adding more mascara. At 8:15 I rubbed my eyes. The pink glittery eye shadow ended up all over my cheeks but the mascara stayed put!

“’At 9:00 p.m. I was too exhausted to double cleanse so I used a Make Off Sheet. It took off almost all of the Super Long Mascara but I got impatient and used a knock-off eye makeup remover for the last bits. Overall I was thrilled with its long-lasting, dark color and my lash length.” 

A Night Out with a Bold Look
Ann B., Web Content Editor

“A friend of mine celebrated a milestone tonight which meant going out for dinner and dancing. I put on two coats of Super Long Mascara EX around 6 p.m. then headed to dinner. I love how bold my lashes look with even just two coats! I have short, thin lashes so I gravitate towards falsies, but wearing this mascara I found no need.

“Right before leaving dinner, I checked my eyes for any fallout — I have oily lids so mascara tends to smudge onto my lower lash line — and voila! My lashes still looked fresh! 

“I went out dancing with my friends after dinner and even through heavy perspiration, my mascara stayed. I was obsessed with how good it looked despite all my movement.

“At the end of the night, my tiredness got the best of me and I couldn’t work up the energy to remove my mascara. I woke up the next morning and… it was still looking perfect! I met up with friends for breakfast the next morning, deciding to keep my mascara on, and everyone commented on how awake I looked. Around noon (that’s almost 18 hours of wear!) I finally wiped Super Long Mascara EX off with some Deep Cleansing Oil while in a hot shower.”

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