Try These 4 Ways to Hack Your Primer

Beauty lovers swear by Velvet Skin Coat. Our top-rated makeup primer blurs imperfections and gives your skin a chic matte finish. Its clear, powder-gel formula invisibly blends into any skin tone, and its advanced Japanese formula protects all skin types with botanical antioxidants.

In fact, it’s such a hardworking and versatile primer that you can use it in some pretty unexpected ways. Here are a few ideas!

Long-Lasting Lippie

For dazzling definition and staying power, dot Velvet Skin Coat on and around the boundary of your lips before applying pencil or lipstick. 

12-Hour Eye Enhancer

Pat a few drops under your eyes and on your lids as a shadow primer. You’ll notice that shadow sticks longer, and fine lines become beautifully blurred. 

The Perfect Mix

If your foundation is a bit too shiny or glowy, mix in a few drops of Velvet Skin Coat to give a matte effect. Bonus: Your look will last hours longer. 


Put a drop of primer on the back of your hand and pick some up with a spoolie. Brush over your brows and follow with your favorite brow powder, gel or pencil to help your brow look last.

Get priming!
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