Artist Spotlight: Cristina Rose-Guizar

artist Cristina Rose-Guizar

When we asked Cristina Rose-Guizar, founder of Centinelle, to design the theme for our Friends and Family Sale there was only one request: to have it symbolize friendship and fun. We spoke with Cris to see what inspires her art and how her friendships help shape her designs.

model wearing scarf

Heritage, Passion and Inspiration

“My inspiration always comes from my experiences and things that I like. I love Japan, I love all the cute things! My Mexican heritage also inspires me and cats are a big passion of mine. I hope to one day do more charity work with my designs and help cat sanctuaries like the ASPCA.”

Her Art’s Three Secret Ingredients

“There are three ingredients that are very present in my work—fantasy, memory and myth. They can go together or be on their own,” said Cris. “In the DHC design, there is a koi fish eating (vegan) sushi and a frog drinking a martini, a perfect example of the three ingredients coming together.”

A Frog and a Koi

“When I joined this project, I was very excited just to know that it was for a Japanese company. So the koi became the focus of the design because it represents love and friendship. To complete the idea of the Friends and Family Sale, I gave the koi a frog friend, since they both live in ponds.”

model wearing scarf

Creating Feelings of Nostalgia

“When I’m designing, I want people to feel good and know that life is too short to take everything too seriously. I want to put a smile on people’s faces and have them feel nostalgic about their childhood memories.”

Art Imitates Life

“My friends greatly influence my work and I love creating based on my experiences. In one of my scarves called ‘Acapulco on the Roof,’ the design was based on a story with one of my friends. We were college students in Mexico City and we were always broke. So we would get an inflatable pool on the terrace of where we lived and hang out there imagining we were at a destination resort!”

Her Art #Goals

“I want to be big in Japan! I feel like my niche is there and they embrace the quirkiness of my designs. I also want to do more charity work for issues I care about, like cats and education. I hope to raise enough money with my art to make a difference in these worlds.”


For us at DHC, our friends and family (you!) inspire us constantly, so we want to celebrate you with 20% off sitewide. Kanpai!

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