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Mochi-Hada is the new #skingoals

Mochi-Hada is the new #skingoals

Mochi-Hada is the new #skingoals

Let’s get a little more cozy with the Japanese concept of skin goals, aka “mochi-hada.” While K-beauty’s “glass skin” has been a recent beauty phenomenon, coming on its heels is J-beauty’s latest (and we think you’ll love it): mochi-hada or “rice-cake skin.” Think of it like your favorite mochi dessert—the plump, smooth texture is similar to what mochi-hada is all about.  In fact, many Japanese people use it as a term of endearment when they lovingly pinch a child’s round, plump cheeks.

Now that we’ve given you a new table topic at your next happy hour, how exactly do you get mochi-hada? It relies heavily on your skincare routine. Since the hero of mochi-hada is pillow soft skin, you’re going to want to integrate products that are gentle, nourishing and maximize hydration.  The process is usually a 4-step regimen. Start with a double cleanse: use an oil-based cleanser on dry skin to break up any makeup or dirt and follow with a gentle foaming cleanse. Next, tone skin with a lotion and seal everything with a hydrating moisturizer. To help take the guesswork out of getting soft, supple and radiant skin, DHC has just launched their new Urumai collection which has everything you need to cleanse and hydrate skin to achieve mochi-hada beauty. 

Urumai features a patented rice complex derived from natural sources. This unique rice complex helps give skin a smooth texture and helps provide a protective moisture barrier to keep skin resilient. Included in the new trio launching this month are the Urumai Soap, Lotion and Cream.

Start your double cleanse using Deep Cleansing Oil on dry skin. After rinsing any excess makeup and dirt, follow with Urumai Soap

Bar soaps can normally leave skin feeling tight, but Urumai Soap is exceptionally rich and hydrating. It’s made with ginger extract and aloe to help remove dead skin cells and other impurities from your skin without it feeling stripped.

Follow with Urumai Lotion, a nourishing facial toner that penetrates the top layer of skin to help keep it strong from the inside out. The formula contains a dose of sake to help brighten skin and Damascus rose flower to help keep it looking fresh and healthy. Simply apply using the palms of your hands and pat it gently all over your face.

Finish off with Urumai Cream, a lightweight moisturizer infused with rice peptides and olive oil.  This absorbs easily to reinforce the smooth texture, plumping up fine lines for a mochi-worthy texture. The secret to this method is the layers of hydration and skin-smoothing products that work in unison for truly soft, firmer skin.

Masking is a key part of Japanese skincare and to accompany this daily regimen, we love supplementing with  masks a couple of times a week. This helps keep your skin supercharged with moisture and looking healthy. We recommend a sheet mask like our Bio Cellulose Mask. It has a unique gel-like fabric that adheres to skin better than many other masks to help lock in moisture and effectively deliver its ingredients to your skin. Think brightening vitamin C, hydrating amino acids and neem leaf to keep skin extra soft. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to sit back and relax for 20 minutes?  

The best part of bouncy, mochi-hada skin is it’s absolutely achievable with the proper skincare routine like this one. Give it a try and if someone is tempted to pinch your cheeks next time they see you, you’ll know why!


By Shyema Azam 

Posted 07-01-2019 by DHC
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