The Olive Essentials Set

The Olive Essentials Set

In honor of DHC USA’s 20th anniversary, we’re paying homage to our heritage collection: the Olive Essentials. These longtime customer favorites are lauded for their simple botanical formulas and ease of use, no matter your skin type or concern. For more than two decades, this collection has been loved in both Japan and the United States for leaving skin clean, refreshed, and positively radiant.

The Olive Essentials were designed to nurture skin with gentle formulas for everyday use. These time-tested botanical formulas are made without parabens and contain no added colorants or fragrances.

In Japan, double cleansing is a standard beauty practice and the typical skincare routine is at least four steps. The Olive Essentials Set is an ideal introduction to the Japanese skincare or for anyone seeking a simple, complete antioxidant routine.

The 4-step routine

  1. Start by removing makeup with Deep Cleansing Oil to break down and melt away all trace of cosmetics and impurities.
  2. Follow with Mild Soap to give your skin a deep yet gentle cleanse and leave it feeling ultra-fresh.
  3. Next, on dry skin, apply Mild Lotion to your entire face using your hands or Silky Cotton. Toning is an often-overlooked step, but it’s a post-cleanse must. Japanese lotion toners help rebalance skin’s natural moisture level, making it more receptive to the hydrating ingredients in your moisturizer.
  4. Lastly, our signature moisturizer, Olive Virgin Oil, hydrates with just a single, pure ingredient. All you need is a drop or two. Rub the lightweight oil in between your palms, and gently press on your face.
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