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The History of DHC's Olive Virgin Oil

The History of DHC's Olive Virgin Oil

Organic Harvest: The History Behind DHC's Virgin Olive Oil

How we transform ripe, fresh organic olives into Olive Virgin Oil, your favorite facial moisturizer.


To formulate Olive Virgin Oil, we start with 100% organic olives from the acclaimed Núñez de Prado groves in Spain’s Andalusia region. The olive farm is run by a family who has been producing the most prestigious grade of olive oil for seven generations.

First Crush

Ripe olives are picked by hand, and within two hours of harvest are gently squeezed in the farm’s ancient, 3-ton almazara, or granite mill—one of only a handful of stone mills around the world. This traditional pulping method produces an elite grade of oil called flor de aceite, containing the essence of organic oil captured from its first crush before the olives are pressed. It takes 11 kilos of olives to produce one liter of this unfiltered oil.

High-Tech Refinement

The flor de aceite is sent to our laboratories in Japan, where our scientists clarify and refine the oil to remove impurities and transform its thick, oily texture into a lightweight product closer to a serum.

A bottle of Olive Virgin Oil contains only this refined, pure oil without preservatives or extenders. Its naturally occurring fruity, floral aroma and delicate texture is much lighter than that of the olive oil you’ll find in your kitchen—but Olive Virgin Oil is so pure that you can eat it!

Beauty Benefits

Weightless, purified Olive Virgin Oil absorbs instantly to deliver deep, long-lasting moisture, and its pure olive oil formulation protects skin naturally.

  • Antioxidant: Helps fight signs of aging by preventing damage caused by free radicals and environmental impurities.

  • Non-comedogenic: Lightweight, pure oil doesn’t clog pores.

  • Moisturizing: Oleic acid, a key component of olive oil, mimics the skin’s natural oil to soften and promote elasticity.

  • Nourishing: Rich in protective squalane and vitamins A, D, E and K. Abundant in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as polyphenols that help fight oxidative damage that shows up as aging, tired-looking skin. 

Limitless Uses


Mix It In

Add a few drops into your favorite moisturizer.


Layer It On

Apply Olive Virgin Oil over a serum to lock in its nutrients.


Plus-One Your Liquid Lotion

Pat liquid lotion all over your face, and apply Olive Virgin Oil while your skin is still damp.


Don’t Stop There

Use it all by itself—on your entire face, around the eyes, on the cuticles, and even on flyaway hair and dry ends!

Posted 03-04-2019 by DHC
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