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Packing the Perfect Vacation Makeup Bag

Packing the Perfect Vacation Makeup Bag

Packing the Perfect Vacation Makeup Bag

Nothing is better than taking time off, hopping on a plane and landing in a new world. Jetting off to vacation can be the best part of the summer months! Keep your skin glowing no matter where you are in the world with these tips on packing the perfect makeup bag. 


For a Beach Vacay

If you’re anticipating a getaway full of sand and saltwater, cater your skincare and makeup around a lot of sun exposure! Take our favorite Deep Cleansing Oil to remove any oil-based impurities, like sunscreen and sebum, and replenish moisture into your skin after a long day in the heat. Follow up with our Face Wash Powder to lightly exfoliate and keep your complexion clear. Our CoQ10 Lotion does a great job of adding antioxidants into your skin (important after lots of sun) and topping off with a mid-weight cream, like Super Collagen Cream, leaves your skin looking healthy and supple. Keep your makeup light for the beach with a powder foundation containing SPF, your favorite blush and Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection (pssst…this one will stay on through the heat!).  

For a Tropical City

Cities in Southeast Asia like Manila, Shanghai, and Bankok, or in South America like Rio de Janerio, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires are bustling metropolitans with tropical climates. The mixture of humid weather and polluted city air can be stressful for the skin. For trips like this, we like to pack a bar soap, like Mild Soap, for its convenience and ability to deeply clean the skin while keeping it pH balanced. We also like to stash some sample sachets in our makeup bag to keep things light, as trips like this often mean hopping from one destination to another. CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture is a great way to tone and moisturize in one step, plus the added benefit of antioxidants help combat toxins in the city air. For makeup, keep things simple! Alleviate tired-looking eyes with a swipe of Eye Bright under eyes and add a pop of color on the lids. And of course, top off with Lip Cream for a natural sheen. 

For a European Escapade

Heat, whether dry or humid, tends to be the general weather in Europe during peak summer months. Our ideal makeup bag to Europe deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, keeping the canvas prepped for makeup. Some essentials include Olive Virgin Oil before bedtime to rejuvenate tired skin and Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-One Gel in the day time to brighten. We love to keep Blotting Paper handy while out and about to gently blot away excess oil and refresh our skin. For makeup, we love the idea of adding a little extra “oomph” to our look—it’s Europe after all, and the photo-ops are endless! Start off with a velvety soft canvas using Velvet Skin Coat, then grab your favorite concealer to blur out any imperfections. Sweep a powder foundation all over and use a bronzer to add some warmth to your cheeks, forehead and chin. Next, reach for our Super Long Mascara that delivers high-volume and serious staying power. Line it up with Liquid Eyeliner Ex, whose brush tip creates the perfect cat eye. Top off with Lip Cream or your favorite lip color and you’re set for the day… and night.

For a Japanese Adventure

Japan is a country that experiences true seasons—cold snowy winters, rainy springs, hot summer months, and chilly falls. Regardless of what time you go, these makeup bag essentials are great for all skin types, year-round. Start off with the Classic Cleanse for thoroughly cleansed skin, then add your first layer of hydration back using Mild Lotion. These three products are known for being gentle and mild for all skin types and skin concerns. For your moisturizer, try our Q10 Cream; based in olive oil, olive leaf extract and coenzyme Q10, it helps maintain skin’s tone and resilience for younger-looking skin. For makeup, defined, natural-looking lashes that are lightly lined are our go-to. While you take in the sights and sounds of Japan, don’t forget to stash Super Collagen Cream into your purse for anytime your skin needs a little pick-me-up!  

Top 5 Travel Tips

  1. Pack TSA-friendly sizes; 3oz/100ml or less
  2. Opt for a clear makeup bag
  3. Stash a sheet mask for the plane ride
  4. Keep it light—only the essentials! 
  5. Always pack sun protection! 


Posted 06-17-2019 by DHC
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