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We are talking about none other than our favorite and yours too—Deep Cleansing Oil. For years, Deep Cleansing Oil has been transforming the skin of people around the globe with its antioxidant-fueled superpowers. And though it has been diligently and silently carrying out its healthy skin mission, we think it's time to invite this smooth operator to the center stage to congratulate it for years of work well done.

If you are one of the few people who hasn't embraced Deep Cleansing Oil as your skin's savior, you have no idea what you're missing out on. It is low key, okay maybe more super high key, THE BEST cleanser you'll ever use. It's rich, it's golden, it will make your skin beautiful. You've really gotta try it.

Here's the 411 on our bestselling product, including who it works for, and how it works.

Who Does It Work For?

The answer is EVERYBODY. Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin—it doesn't matter. It's formulated with only eight ingredients and free of sulfates, added fragrance, mineral oil, parabens and colorants, so it won't irritate the most delicate skin types. What is does contain is ultra-nourishing olive fruit oil, nutrient-rich oleic acid, a potent dose of antioxidants to help fight damage caused by free radicals and a dash of rosemary leaf oil to invigorate the skin and help you feel refreshed.

How It Works

This golden oil sinks into your skin to melt away all impurities, including sunscreen and excess oil, unclogs your pores and removes makeup-all without upsetting your skin's pH balance, or stripping it of its natural moisture. If you wear makeup regularly, you are going to love how it simplifies your routine. No need to continuously dab your skin with a cotton pad, you can remove all traces of foundation, eyeliner and mascara by simply massaging your skin with Deep Cleansing Oil and rinsing it clean with warm water.

Double Cleanse

Excited to try it? Use Deep Cleansing Oil as the first step of your double cleanse regimen, then follow up with a lathering cleanser. We recommend our Mild Soap. These two together will lead your skin down a flawless path. The kind of flawlessness that makes you feel like the star of a Beyoncé music video or better yet, queen B herself.

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