9 Easy J-Beauty Resolutions for 2019

beauty resolutions 2019

Resolved: to show the world your most perfect, polished, pampered and well-cared-for self! Give your New Year’s resolutions list a Japanese twist for 2019. Here are 9 resolutions to take your J-beauty game into the new year.

Double cleanse daily

double cleanse deep cleansing oil

Radiant skin begins with deeply clean skin. This simple, 2-step Japanese regimen allows all the rest of your skincare goodies to work more effectively on a perfectly clean canvas. Start off with an oil-based cleanser to melt away makeup and sebum. Follow with a lathering cleanser to rinse away impurities like sweat and pollutants.

Remove makeup at night

We know, it’s not always easy, but this is one of the very best things you can do for your skin, and it’s a habit that shows real results. Your skin regenerates at night, away from the environmental stresses of the day, so it’s prime time to nourish it with your richest creams and serums. But they can’t absorb into your skin if your pores are clogged with makeup and daily grime.

Start a good habit

sunscreen for healthy skin

Relax with a Japanese sheet mask at least once a week—not only will your skin glow, but you’ll also get self-care points. Get religious about using sunscreen. Or make a 30-minute walk a daily part of your lunch routine.

Embrace wabi-sabi

It’s been called the Japanese secret to happiness—the principle of wabi-sabi finds beauty in imperfection. Let go of trying to compare yourself to others (we’re looking at you, social media!). Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful.


drink 10 cups of water for healthy skin

Keep your skin plumped and flush out toxins with good old H2O. Keep a giant-sized, refillable bottle at your desk and in your car. Toss in a few mint sprigs or cucumber slices and you’ll think you’re at a fancy spa (a girl can dream).

Quit a bad habit, one day at a time

Maybe the thought of an entire lifetime without your favorite nasty habit sounds daunting. You’re right! So take a tip from recovery experts, who suggest breaking it down into 24-hour intervals. Smaller intervals work, too: try going one evening without a glance at your smartphone.

Exercise more to look younger

exercise for younger looking skin

Regular exercise causes increased blood flow, replenishing oxygen levels throughout your body, including in the skin. This helps to flush out cellular debris and free radicals that speed up signs of aging. A 2014 study at McMaster University in Ontario found that participants who exercised just three times a week had measurably younger-looking skin.

Get more sleep

Going without sleep has been shown to increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol in the body can break down collagen and aggravate inflammation, leading to tired-looking skin, reduced elasticity and breakouts.

Practice kaizen

setting goals for a healthy life

You don’t have to achieve all these goals overnight. The Japanese philosophy of kaizen promotes continual, steady improvement. Start with small steps and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll accomplish. Happy New Year!

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