5 Must-Do Skincare Habits to Pick Up for Spring

Now’s your chance to start five great new skincare habits for spring. They’ll make all the difference between a blah complexion and a glowing, polished look.

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Surprising Facts About Collagen

Collagen is the hero ingredient your skin has been looking for. Discover why you need this buzzy skincare essential in your regimen stat, plus some new ways to soak up its skin-firming power. 

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Which Double Cleanse Is Best for You?

Here’s how to select the most effective Japanese double cleanse regimen for your skin type.

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Organic Harvest

Discover how ripe, fresh organic olives are transformed into your favorite facial moisturizer.

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Bold & Beautiful

We asked members of DHC’s creative team to chime in on what “bold and beautiful” means to them.

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The Best of DHC Products

Here are DHC’s top Japanese beauty products that skincare enthusiasts can’t live without. 

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Our Official Guide to J-Beauty

Imagine investing just a few more minutes of your time each day and waking up with your most beautiful skin ever. Here’s how J-beauty will change the way you think about your skin.

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Finding The Best Moisturizer for Your Skin

Learn how to determine your skin type and get the most from your moisturizer in this guide from a DHC skincare guru.

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9 Easy J-Beauty Resolutions for 2019

beauty resolutions 2019

Give your New Year’s resolutions list a Japanese twist for 2019. Here are 10 resolutions to take your J-beauty game into the new year.

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Save Your Skin This Winter with This 2-Step Ritual

double cleansing skin for winter

Here’s how a double cleanse can help your skin become more silky, well-hydrated and radiant this winter.

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