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Meanwhile in Japan... The Origins of Deep Cleansing Oil

Learn how a worldwide favorite came to be.

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The Best of DHC Products

Here are DHC’s top Japanese beauty products that skincare enthusiasts can’t live without. 

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Skin Deep Goodness

4 steps to healthy skin habits

The healthy habits you build during National Healthy Skin Month will last all year long. Here’s how to start.

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Do You Double Cleanse?

Double Cleanse

Even if you swear by a no-frills skincare routine, you have to admit that cleansing is the most important step.

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What I Packed with Ashleigh Reddy

What I Packed

If you’ve got serious travel #FOMO, a peruse of Ashleigh Reddy’s Instagram feed @StayReddy might leave you in a cold sweat. But Ashleigh wants to inspire you, not make you jealous. This photographer, style icon and influencer thinks way beyond snapshots of your everyday vanilla ice cream cone (gelato a’ la Roma is more her style).

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Good-For-You Oils


What oils do you use to nourish your skin? If the answer is none at all, you are missing out! And we are here to correct that…

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Meet Our Olive Family

Meet the Olive Oil Family

When you think of olive oil, you might think of pasta and salads, rather than deeply hydrating skincare, but our olive oil isn’t the same as the one in your kitchen. Ours is handpicked from lush, green groves in southern Spain, then ultra-purified in Japan to work wonders on your skin.

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The Makeup Lover’s Guide to Healthy Skin

Make-Up Lovers

How to have your cake and eat it too—makeup edition. Did you know you can wear your glam makeup every day and still have healthy skin?

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(Re)Discover an Icon

rediscover an icon

Beauty pop quiz: which DHC product has been helping people around the world achieve amazing skin so efficiently, one is sold every 10 seconds worldwide?

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Thoughtfully Sourced

Thoughtfully Sourced

Our Olive Virgin Oil moisturizer has one singular ingredient: olive oil. You may think to yourself, how much good can one ingredient really do? The Answer is A LOT because there’s more to our olive oil than meets the eye…

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