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We Tried 5 Unique, Japan-exclusive DHC products

We Tried 5 Unique, Japan-exclusive DHC products

We Tried 5 Unique, Japan-exclusive DHC products

Before beauty and wellness trends find their way into the Western world, they’ve already lived a full life in the East. Japan, in particular, is known for its high levels of innovation and creating new, exciting products way ahead of the curve.

DHC is your Japanese Beauty Expert for a reason—our headquarters, research & development labs, packaging, and all our formulas are made in Japan. For those who don’t know, our Japanese presence is quite huge. The DHC line of skincare you know and love in the U.S. is much larger in Japan! Beyond skincare, DHC Japan sells everything from clothing to pet supplies, food, and even supplements. 

We sifted through our extensive Japanese catalog to experience some unique, Japan-exclusive products. 

What We Tried


Collagen Beauty 7,000+ Muscat Flavor

What it is: Drinkable collagen “shot” with 7,000 mg of collagen peptides, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid.

What it’s supposed to do: Drinking collagen can increase your skin's hydration and helps your skin achieve a plump, youthful look.

The verdict: This drink’s muscat flavor is very distinct, masking any taste of collagen. It’s quite sweet but very easy and enjoyable to drink, especially when chilled. After 7 days of taking this collagen supplement, we did notice a difference in our skin, particularly in looking more lit-from-within. Overall, adding this collagen supplement into a daily routine is easy and enjoyable.

Acupressure Mat

What it is: A firm foam mat with specific acupressure points.

What it’s supposed to do: This mat aims to target specific pressure points in the feet that may relieve aches, pains and stress by diffusing stagnant energy. By promoting a more relaxed being, acupressure can contribute to relaxation, better sleep and improved metabolism.

The verdict: At first, using this mat was a bit uncomfortable because we weren’t used to the pressure of walking on points. After a few days of using the mat before bed, we did feel more relaxed. This mat also worked wonders post-workout on fatigued feet.

Fragrance Bulgarian Rose Capsules

What it is: Gel capsules of 100% Bulgarian rose oil.

What it’s supposed to do: This supplement is meant to give your skin a natural and pleasant rose scent. Rose oil contains a compound called geraniol that can’t be absorbed by the human body and instead releases through the pores of our skin.

The verdict: The package calls for 2 gel capsules to be taken every morning. After 7 days, we noticed a slightly rose-y scent to our natural aroma. The scent isn’t overwhelming so it’s harder to pinpoint whether our skin is releasing the rose scent or if it’s just something we’d like to believe in. Overall, internal perfume is definitely an idea we can get behind – who wouldn’t want to naturally smell like their favorite flower?

Silk Neck Warmer

What it is: A soft knit silk neck warmer to be worn while sleeping.

What it's supposed to do: The amino acids found in silk are said to closely mimic that of the skin, so sleeping in silk can help your body to retain its natural oils and moisture. This neck warmer is meant to be worn over the mouth and neck to protect skin against dryness, keep the face and neck warm during sleep and to help with breathing cold winter air. In Japan, not every home is equipped with central heating, thus the popularity of neck warmers.

The verdict: This neck warmer is very soft to the touch and lightweight, making for a comfortable sleep. It’s easy to breathe through while keeping your face and neck warm. We tried this in mid-January with the heater off at night to replicate how a user in Japan would use this. The silk also helped with minimizing pillow marks on the face, and after 7 days of using this neck warmer, we did notice our skin feeling softer. 

Powdered Koji Milk

What it is: Fermented rice drink in powder form.

What it’s supposed to do: This DHC brand Koji Milk says it contains 16 vitamins and minerals, rice protein, collagen and hyaluronic acid and is marketed as a beauty drink. This drink boasts possible benefits like stronger skin and nails, improved digestion and even weight loss.

The verdict: This is one of DHC Japan’s best-selling food items, and it’s easy to see why. The Koji milk powder is a fine consistency and has a sweet smell. It really tastes like a warm sake, but creamier and sweeter. It is comforting to drink and delicious piping hot. We did notice some benefits in overall energy when we would drink this mid-workday.


These DHC Japan items are only available for purchase in Japan. 

Posted 02-27-2019 by DHC
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