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Create a Japanese Onsen at Home

Create a Japanese Onsen at Home

Create a Japanese Onsen at Home



For most of us, our summer is looking quite a bit different than we had planned.

If you’re lucky, you’ve been able to pivot and enjoy some smaller trips or at least some virtual experiences—Zoom wine tasting anyone? Just sayin’. And if not, which we totally get, we’re all about the at-home self care. We’d even make the argument that it’s more important now than ever to take—yes, take—some me time to combat the stress, anxiety and unease of the moment. 

In recent weeks, some of our DHC team members have experimented with bringing the concept of the Japanese onsen home for just this reason. A Japanese onsen is a hot spring and the bathing facilities that surround it, and much like a spa in the U.S., it’s a place to relax, reset and restore. The DHC Akazawa Onsen Resort, for example, which is two hours south of Tokyo and surrounded by the mineral-rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, is known for nourishing the body and soul.

While a trip there is 99% out of the question (right now, at least), we have some specific ways to create a therapeutic at-home onsen experience.

First: Set the Stage

Give everyone in your household a heads up that you’ll be unavailable for about an hour. If you share a family calendar, create an event—this will make you accountable for the time and make it more real for housemates.

We suggest taking over the bathroom for the shower steam, but if you can’t spend the whole hour there, at least take the first 15 minutes. (Note: You’ll need a sink for some of the next steps.)

Grab something, anything minty. It can be fresh herbs from your garden or even pre-packaged ones from the store in your fridge. If you have minty essential oils, even better. We like eucalyptus because it’s crazy with the menthol, but thyme, peppermint, spearmint will do. Grab a giant glass of water, your phone only so you can turn on music through your Bluetooth speaker (otherwise, we highly encourage you to unplug) and get comfy in a robe and slippers. 

Now blast the hot water in the shower. You’ll have to experiment with getting the aromatherapy out of the mint but hanging the herbs near the steam or putting some drops of the essential oil on bathtub floor have both worked for us. Breathe.

Second: Facial Cleansing Massage

Using the technique outlined here, it’s time to massage with Deep Cleansing Oil®. Use small circular motions to promote oxygen and blood flow to release tension in facial muscles, especially the jawline and forehead. Start from the bottom of your face and work up in upward motions to counter the constant pull of gravity, lifting skin and helping it to appear firmer. Rinse.

Next, create a rich later in the palm of your hands by adding water to Face Wash Powder. You can also use our Foaming Mesh for this step. Gently exfoliate and smooth skin, then rinse and pat dry.

Third: Hydrate & Treat

Now that you’ve awakened the senses and Double Cleansed, it’s time to hydrate. Our By the Sea liquid lotion is powered by deep sea water from our Japanese Akazawa Onsen Resort mentioned earlier. It’s twice filtered and rich in minerals for clearer, brighter, more balanced skin. Liquid lotion is the first step in a Double Moisture regimen for optimally hydrated skin. 

Next, smooth a few drops of Extra Concentrate, our powerful collagen serum, over face and décolletage to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Pro tip: Store the ampoules in the fridge for a cooling sensation when you apply. 

Fourth: Seal It In

Give the delicate area around your eyes some love—let’s be honest, most of us aren’t getting our eight hours—with Concentrated Eye Cream. Pat it on with your ring finger in small upward motions. You’ll target those pesky fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles and look instantly more awake.

The second step in the Double Moisture regimen we talked about earlier, follows up liquid lotion with moisturizer to seal in all that good-for-you hydration. Our By the Sea moisturizer is also infused with Akazawa Onsen deep sea water as well as marine botanicals for healthy looking skin.

Fifth: Play Your Hand

At this point in your at-home onsen experience, your complexion should be glowing and hopefully stress levels are going down. For this last step, we’re moving our focus to the hands, which you know what they say, have the greatest ability to show your age. So, don’t ignore them!

First, massage cuticles with Olive Virgin Oil (good for any other dry areas, too, like elbows and knees), giving it a few minutes to absorb. Lastly, massage Olive Hand Cream into hands and forearms with circular motions to release built-up tension and promote circulation.

Thank Yourself

As you finish up, take a few minutes to close your eyes and take a few deep inhales and exhales. (We won’t tell if you strike a tree pose, either—why not?) Honor the fact that you’ve given this time to yourself and respect the transition back into your busy day.

Posted 06-30-2020 by DHC
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