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What is Mochi Skin?

What is Mochi Skin?

What is Mochi Skin?



Mochi – the delicious Japanese rice cake known for its pleasant texture and chewy consistency is the inspiration for the latest skincare trend that we are living for – mochi-hada.

So, what is mochi-hada?  

Translating literally to “rice-cake skin,” mochi-hada echoes the look of smooth, soft and plump mochi treats for the ultimate #skingoals.  


How do I get the mochi-hada look?

With the 4-step cleanse you can deeply clean the skin and maximize moisture levels.

Steps 1 & 2: Start your double cleanse using Deep Cleansing Oil on dry skin. After rinsing any excess makeup and dirt away, follow with Urumai Soap.

Step 3 & 4: Follow with Urumai Lotion, a nourishing alcohol-free facial lotion that deeply penetrates the top layer of the skin to prep it for thicker moisturizers. Add a lightweight layer of Urumai Cream to boost hydration and help diminish the appearance of fine lines. The finished feel of bouncy, mochi-like skin will leave you feeling perfectly cleansed and nourished.


What does Urumai mean and how does it work?

Urumai is a hybrid of the Japanese words urumi (moisture) and mai (rice). DHC’s Urumai collection  features our patented rice peptide complex, which will help you achieve the mochi-like supple skin that you are dreaming of.

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Posted 07-28-2020 by DHC
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