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My Skincare Journey with Honeynsilk

My Skincare Journey with Honeynsilk

My Skincare Journey with Honeynsilk


How one working mom keeps her acne prone, combination skin in check.

My relationship with skincare is like dating. I went through a few bad apples in my younger years, but I learned from every trial and error and I learned to be better to myself and to embrace my skin as it is. From there, I was able to find the skincare that treated me right and made my skin glow!

My skin type is acne-prone and combination. I’ve been dealing with acne all of my life, but after having my first child, I’ve been battling consistent hormonal acne breakouts along my chin, jawline, and temples. It’s quite a task to maintain, but I’ve come to view my daily regimen as a ritual of peace and discipline for myself. It’s my act of self care that helps reduce any stress that I have and be mindfully present within myself for the moments I spend on my skin. It is a very welcome break from the complexity of a day in the life of a working parent.

When I start my 4-step regimen morning and night, I make sure I’m never in a rush. I slow down to give my skin the extra TLC it needs and deserves by massaging the Deep Cleansing Oil into my skin for at least one minute. I make sure to gently press the points on my temples and the points on my inner eyes to release tension. I then mindfully cleanse again with Mild Soap. I keep my Soothing Lotion right by my sink, because I love the minimalist look of the bottle and it is a go-to for me several times a day whenever I just need a hydration replenishment. I just use my hands to pat and press the liquid lotion into my skin. I do it this way so that I’m not leaving any product behind like I would on a cotton round. Then I moisturize with Extra Nighttime Moisture and I apply this with gentle strokes on my face upwards and outwards. At the end of my routine, my face feels soft, plump, and loved.

My morning and evening self care routine doesn’t end there. I am a big tea lover, so I go to my kitchen to brew a fresh pot of tea - jasmine in the morning, chrysanthemum at night. I just love smelling the beautiful, natural fragrance of tea whenever I lift the cup to take a sip. I’ve started to share the loose tea leaves with my toddler son to smell the different scents and play with the different textures. It’s a part of our tea time routine together.

My new reality during quarantine is that it’s uneasy navigating an unusual new world outside of our home, but comforting in the fact that my family is safe and well and that we are together. Nonetheless, it has been quite the routine to adjust to, because both my husband and I work full time and now in quarantine, we have a 20-month-old son with us without any help or childcare. My husband and I were able to figure out how to split our time with one of us working and the other being with our son during the work week. This time has also challenged us as a family to find fun ways to entertain a toddler in the home, clean out rooms and put together new areas of play, and exercise outdoors safely. Sometimes our son loves the different play stations we have at home. Some days, all he wants to do is to go outside and we have to figure out how to do that while keeping ourselves safe. While we have somewhat of a routine, we are still navigating this one day at a time.

I am a natural nurturer and being a mom is my greatest achievement and success; it’s been my greatest dream. It’s very important to me now to take care of myself and my family and be mindful in eating well, getting good sleep, and keeping mentally motivated to get through a difficult time together. I am passionate about connecting with my online community and sharing advice and personal stories to make things easier for all of us.


By Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth (@honeynsilk)

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Posted 05-29-2020 by DHC
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