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The Truth Behind Oil Cleansing

The Truth Behind Oil Cleansing

Your Oil Cleansing Questions Answered 

While cleansing your skin with oil may seem like a recent beauty trend, this simple method is key to leaving your skin clean, soft and radiant.  Oil cleansing is often misunderstood, and we’re here to share the truth behind this skincare step. Check out our answers to your top questions below!

Will oil cleanser clog my pores?

Oil cleansers don't clog pores! Good oil takes the bad oil with it for refreshed skin.


Can I use an oil cleanser if I have oily skin?

Despite what you'd think, oil cleansers are great cleansers for oily, acne-prone skin. Again, oil attracts oil, so it helps balance things out.


Does an oil cleanser replace my other cleansers?

We stand behind a 2-step Japanese regimen called Double Cleanse. First, your oil cleanser dissolves makeup and sunscreen, then your foaming cleanser lifts away impurities like pollution. Skin is left bouncy and supple.

Should I use oil cleanser only at night?

Oil cleansing is great for your morning and night routine. In the morning, oil cleansers gently remove extra oils and impurities that can clog pores. At night, oil cleansers also remove makeup, sunscreen, and pollution without stripping your skin of its natural oils.


But which oil cleanser is right for me?

Choose the best oil cleanser for you based on its benefits and key ingredients:

  • If you’re looking for a gentle, tried and true formula: Start with a cleansing oil that features antioxidant-rich organic olive oil and rosemary leaf oil. This will leave your skin feeling nourished and invigorated.
  • If you’re battling dry skin after a long day: Use a luxurious, hydrating oil cleanser that contains oleic acid and vitamin E. This will help to lock in moisture and protect skin against free radical damage.
  • If excess oil is a top concern: Choose a cleansing oil with a variety of nourishing oils like jojoba and sunflower oil that bind with sebum. These oils will help dissolve impurities and unclog pores.

Are there other ways to use oil cleansers?

Your oil cleanser is multi-purpose! Below are useful oil cleanser hacks that can simplify your life:

  • After a messy art project, clean your paint brushes you oil cleanser. This won’t damage your brushes and keep bristles soft.
  • Need shaving cream? Use cleansing oil instead for a closer shave and soft, smooth, moisturized skin
  • Deodorant residues no more! Massage cleansing oil onto underarms for clean, refreshed skin.
Posted 08-03-2020 by DHC
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