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Thalassotherapy and How it will Change your Skin

Thalassotherapy and How it will Change your Skin

Thalassotherapy and How It Will Change Your Skin



Digging your toes in the sand. Soaking up the vitamin D. Taking a cool dip and then lazing in that sun-soaked beach towel. 

We know we’re not alone when we say a trip to the beach gives us all the feels. And for that, we have Thalassotherapy to thank.

It’s not a super common term in the U.S. yet, but Thalassotherapy has roots from the 19th century, with some records dating back to the 1700s. It’s the belief in, and the use of, the ocean—its botanicals, the water itself, even the surrounding air—for revitalizing purposes, especially for skin.

So besides the good vibes, hitting the seaside has actual skincare-related benefits. But if you can’t get there, don’t worry, we’ve captured those benefits in our new Double Moisture duo, aptly named By the Sea. We’ve put together a quick read Q & A, so you can decide if Thalassotherapy is right for you. Fair warning, tan lines not included.

How does By the Sea harness the principles of Thalassotherapy?

Both By the Sea products—a liquid lotion to use first, a milky, jelly-like moisturizer to use second—were formulated with 92% natural ingredients, including Japanese deep sea water. The water is drawn from 2,500 feet below the sea level of Japan’s Izu Akazawa and twice filtered for the perfect balance of skin-nourishing minerals.

The products also harness the power of marine botanicals, including fermented lactobacillus liquid known to revitalize cells that promote collagen and purple laver extract that locks in moisture for all-day hydration.

Wait a sec, what is fermented lactobacillus liquid?

The process of fermentation in skincare is becoming increasingly popular, as it breaks ingredients down for better absorption. Lactobacillus is a friendly type of bacteria known for many beneficial purposes. The liquid in our By the Sea products was developed in the DHC Deep Sea Water Lab by fermenting lactobacillus found in Izu Akazawa water. It’s known to stimulate the cells that promote collagen.


What will By the Sea do for my skin?

The filtered, mineral-rich deep sea water, in combination with the marine botanicals and an infusion of Japanese rose extract, offer clearer, brighter, more balanced skin.

How do I use this in my skincare regimen?

Use as part of the Japanese 4-step regimen, which includes a 2-step Double Cleanse and a 2-step Double Moisture. Might we suggest: Deep Cleansing Oil® followed by Face Wash Powder for your Double Cleanse, then By the Sea liquid lotion and moisturizer for your Double Moisture. Complete your 4 steps morning and night.


Can I use them if I have sensitive skin?

Both products are free of synthetic fragrances and dyes. They are also formulated with 92% natural ingredients.

Posted 06-30-2020 by DHC
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