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Seasonal Skin Care Tips: How to Find Your Perfect Winter Skin Care Routine

Seasonal Skin Care Tips: How to Find Your Perfect Winter Skin Care Routine

Seasonal Skin Care Tips: Building The Perfect Winter Skin Care Routine

Even with a skincare routine as foolproof as the classic Japanese 4-step regimen, it never hurts to up the ante when it comes to preventing dry skin during the cold winter months. That said, you don’t need to go adding countless steps to your routine to make it more effective - rather, a few key product swaps should do the trick. Luckily, DHC’s arsenal is jam-packed with formulas dedicated to keeping skin well-moisturized and protected against winter weather. So if you find yourself in the mood to do a bit of skincare shopping, use the seasonal swap as justification to treat yourself to a few new products. We won’t tell! 


1. Consider Your Cleanser

To curate a truly winter-proof Japanese 4-step routine, begin with an analysis of your go-to products, starting with your cleansers. Double Cleansing is always essential, but it’s important to ensure you’re using products that will bump up hydration as they cleanse, so skin won’t feel dry or tight. An oil cleanser like the Deep Cleansing Oil is a fantastic first step, as is the Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil for particularly dry skin types. Follow up with the gentle cleanser of your choosing (I’d recommend the softening Urumai Soap if you’ve yet to try!) and your cold-weather Double Cleanse is complete. 


2. Prep Your Skin For Moisture

Moving right along to the Double Moisture part of the routine, if you typically use a traditional toner, consider swapping it out for an ultra-hydrating lotion or essence. The Olive Virgin Oil Crystal Skin Essence, one of DHC’s newest products, does the trick thanks to antioxidant-rich organic olive oil that helps keep your skin’s moisture barrier at its best.


3. Moisturizers & Seasonality

After that, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your final moisturizing step. While you might’ve gravitated towards lightweight gel products over the summertime, winter weather often requires something a bit more rich. The Olive Virgin Oil Essential Cream is a luxe formula that won’t feel overbearing on skin, since it sinks right in. In addition to organic olive oil, it also boasts hydrating squalane, brightening hydrogenated rice bran, and hyaluronic acid-boosting tocotrienols. If you prefer an oil over a moisturizing cream, the classic Olive Virgin Oil  is a no-brainer for a soft, well-moisturized complexion.


Final Thoughts

It can be tempting to overdo your routine when trying to stop winter dryness before it starts, but going overboard can be just as bad as not prepping skin fully enough. With a few easy product swaps, your complexion will thrive in the colder months. Plus, you won’t have to set aside any extra time to care for your skin. Double Cleanse, Double Moisture. Done.

Posted 12-16-2019 by DHC
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