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Program Description


DHC Share & Save is a program that awards extra benefits to our customers when you refer a new customer. If you're currently a DHC customer and you recommend DHC to a friend or family member, and they become a customer, too – you both get benefits! Have your friend or family member give us your customer number or your name and address when they place their first order and we'll give them 10% off. Plus, their order will earn DHC Rewards Points, which can help them save on a future product purchase. As the referring customer, you'll get the Rewards Points value of their first order. The more they spend, the more benefits you both get. To see complete details on the DHC Rewards Points program, including Terms & Conditions, click here.

Referring new customers

DHC customers can send friends or family members a free catalog with samples of our four bestselling products by calling 800.DHC.CARE (342.2273) and speaking to a Customer Care Advisor.

First DHC order

When your friend or family member is ready to order, have them go online, call us at 800.DHC.CARE (342.2273) or use the mail-in order form here. They must provide your (the referring customer's) customer number or your name and address.

Every customer who makes a qualifying purchase receives 5 Rewards Points for every dollar spent on products. New customers who provide the name and customer number of an existing customer also receive 10% off their first order.

As the referring customer, you receive the Rewards Points value of your friend of family member's first order. The more they spend, the more Rewards Points you both receive.

  • The 10% discount applies to the first purchase only if the new customer provides the customer number or name and address of a referring customer.
  • Referrers must be existing DHC customers who have previously made at least one purchase.
  • Referrals must be non-customers.
  • Benefits do not apply to persons sharing your address.
  • Qualifying purchases exclude gift certificates.
  • Share & Save points are earned on product total, before taxes, shipping and 10% first-time discount are applied.
  • All other terms and conditions of the DHC Rewards Points program apply. To see the DHC Rewards Points program Terms and Conditions, click here.

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Terms & Conditions


  • To make a referral, you must be an existing DHC customer who has made at least one prior purchase from DHC.
  • All referrals must be new customers to DHC who have never made a purchase directly from DHC before, and who do not share an address with you.
  • You may request DHC to send your friend or family member a catalog with free samples of four bestselling DHC products. Only one free catalog with four samples will be mailed per address referred. You can do this by calling 800.DHC.CARE (382.2273) and providing your friend or family member's name and address to one of our Customer Care Advisors. Please note that you do not need to send your referral a catalog in order to participate in the Share & Save program. It is optional. In order to participate, your referral just needs to provide your customer number and/or name and address at the time of their first purchase.
  • At the time of their first purchase, your referral will receive a 10% discount on their first order.
  • At the time of your referral's first purchase, you will receive the Rewards Points value of your referral's first order.
  • In the event that there is an adjustment to your referral's Reward Points from their first order due to a return or exchange, the Reward Points you received may also be adjusted.
  • Benefits to both the referring customer and referral apply to the referral's first purchase only.
  • Share & Save Reward Points are earned on the product subtotal, before taxes, shipping and the 10% first-time referral discount are applied.
  • Offer excludes purchases of gift certificates.
  • If you provide us with your referral's name and address, you represent that you have the authority to provide us with that information and any other information you provide to us about your referral for purposes of mailing the free catalog.
  • DHC reserves the right to refuse awarding Reward Points to referring customers for referrals that receive the referring customer's name and/or customer number from a website, directory or other method of mass distribution.
  • Share & Save Program Terms and Conditions are subject to change.
  • All terms and conditions of DHC's Reward Points program apply to points earned through the Share & Save program. Click here to see complete details on the DHC Rewards Points program, including Terms and Conditions.

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