Jennifer Penn, 48

Chicago, Illinois
DHC Customer since 2009

"When I use my DHC products, I feel like I'm a special member in an elite club of women that know the secret of using the best products for the most beautiful skin."

I'm the business development and account executive for ConnecTIVITY, a company that focuses on professional sports organizations and charitable non-profits. Our clients are the foundations for NHL, NBA and NFL teams, as well as NASCAR and NHRA.

For the love of horses
I got on my first horse when I was 4 years old—my next-door neighbor let us ride her horses. I rode horses off and on during my school years, but as soon as I graduated from college and started my career, I worked to ride.

Proudest moment
My proudest moment was when I was waiting to ride in a competition in Virginia on a rainy day in an outdoor arena. My horse tripped while practicing, and I tumbled over his head into a puddle of mud just before I entered the ring. Despite the pain and my muddy clothes, I got back on Stormy and won the first-place blue ribbon.

Sunday morning ritual
On Sundays, I make lemon-blueberry crêpes. I use fresh fruits and whipped cream topping. I make myself a cappuccino and read the paper.

Beauty icons
My mother, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.

All-time favorite beauty look
Fresh face, a sheer berry lip and great eyebrows.

Personal style
Classic and polished with a dash of trendy.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
I'd like for women to feel beautiful in their own hair, skin and bodies. When celebrities enhance their appearance, it's like updating their résumé; it's a part of their job. Simply maintaining healthy hair, skin and bodies is beautiful. I wish women would look in the mirror and love their God-given selves.

Skincare is important to me because...
Moisturizing without looking oily is a challenge for me. Washing my face is the first important step in this process. DHC Mild Soap doesn't dry my skin and rinses clean with no sticky film, and I love that. I believe choices that I’ve made all my life about skincare have helped maintain my youthful look.

More about Jennifer

What makes DHC different?
Without a doubt, it's the quality. As a marketing professional, I pay attention to what the packaging says about a product versus what the product actually does. DHC products deliver... and that's very important to me.

How do DHC products make you feel?
When I use my DHC products, I feel like I'm a special member of an elite club of women who know the secret of using the very best products for the most beautiful skin.

Favorite TV show?
I love Law & Order: SVU. I can watch the marathons that come on for hours without moving from my seat!

Favorite DHC products

At the end of my day, Deep Cleansing Oil wipes my face completely clean without drying. Cleaning my face day and night has been an important routine for keeping my skin beautiful.

Mild Soap is so clean with no fragrance. It leaves my skin feeling unbelievably fresh and soft, with no gummy film on my face.

I use Velvet Skin Coat before makeup.

I use Q10 Cream to moisturize.