My catalog looks different—and where are the samples?

To celebrate 20 years of DHC USA, we gave our catalogs a major refresh. Samples are sent in the complete quarterly books every three months while our mini books will feature our most popular products (a.k.a. your faves) and will not contain samples.

Want to try before you buy? Check out our sampling program!

Where can I find usage directions for the samples?

Most samples have instructions printed on the back of the sample packet, but if you received one that does not, you can find detailed information and usage instructions by searching for the product page on our website.

What changes were made to the Rewards Points program?

We rolled out new rewards program with more exciting perks and more ways to earn them. DHC Tokuten (特典 “benefits”) has 3 rewards tiers to match your shopping style. You still earn 5 points per dollar spent, but you can now redeem points for Tokuten-exclusive goodies and deeper discounts.

All customers are automatically enrolled in the program upon making their first purchase. Customers who have an order history but have not made a purchase since the new program went into effect have been automatically enrolled. Learn more about the program and how it works here.

Where can I see my Rewards Points balance and how do I use them?

Log in to your account, then click the Rewards Points Balance link in your dashboard. Rewards Points values also appear during checkout, where you can enter the number you want to redeem and apply towards products, tax or shipping.

I don’t have an online account. Can I still earn Rewards Points?

Yes. Customers who make purchases solely by phone can still earn and redeem rewards points based through the original DHC Rewards Points program. Customers in the original program are not eligible for rewards offered through DHC Tokuten. For details and information about the original Rewards Points program, please click here.

What happened to my Loyalty Discount?

The Loyalty Discount program was discontinued and consolidated the benefits into the Tokuten rewards points program. Having our perks combined into one, points-based program means you can shop as often or as little as you want and still get rewarded based on your spending.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

We lowered our shipping threshold from $85 and now offer FREE Standard shipping (3-7 days) on all merchandise orders $49 and over (excluding taxes). For orders totaling less than $49, there is a delivery charge of $4.50 for Standard shipping. eGift Cards do not apply.

What is DHC Hako?

DHC Hako (箱, “box”) is an annual shipping program that lets you enjoy unlimited standard shipping on all your purchases for just $10. Hako is only available to customers with an online account. Learn more about the program here.

Does DHC ship internationally?

No, we do not internationally at this time.

How do I change my shipping address?

Log in to your account, then click the Address Book link in your dashboard to view your default billing and shipping addresses. Select the Edit button to make changes, then click Update. To provide alternate or additional shipping addresses, click the Add New button.

How do I change my password?

Log in to your account, then click on your name at the top of the page to take you to My Account. Then click the Change Password link from the left navigation menu.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on "Forgot Your Password?" below "Sign In".

You will be asked for your login email address to retrieve your password hint. Your hint will be emailed to you within one hour. Please note that if you did not provide a password hint upon registration, the email you receive will be blank. If you still do not remember your password, you can call us at 800.DHC.CARE (342.2273) to reset your password.

Do you test on animals?

We at DHC USA never tests products on animals or ask others to do so on our behalf, and neither does the founding company DHC Japan. However, the DHC affiliate operating in China is required to perform a certain amount of animal testing on some of the products offered in that country to comply with local laws. DHC Corporation and its affiliates strongly disagree with China's position on animal testing and support the international efforts to convince China that animal-free alternative testing methods are available to ensure safe products.

I am having trouble with my credit card information for my online order.

If you receive an error message related to credit card authorization failure, double check that the billing address on the credit card and matches your account billing address, try re-entering your CVN or security code, and be sure that the card is current and valid. After validating the information you've entered and you still get an error message, call us at 800.DHC.CARE (342.2273) or contact your financial institution for further assistance.

How do I know when an item will be restocked online or stocked in stores?

If an item is out stock, you can choose to be notified via email when it’s back in stock.

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