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DHC's most popular products

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  1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Facial Cleansing Oil
    Deep Cleansing Oil®
    As low as $14.00
    2 sizes
  2. DHC Lip Cream - lip balm infused with olive oil  to hydrate, soothe & protect dry, chapped lips
    Lip Cream
  3. DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture - 1.5 oz. Hydrating cream with collagen & antioxidant-rich olive oil.
    Extra Nighttime Moisture
    Special Price $30.00 Value $36.00
  4. DHC The Classic Double Cleanse Set - Facial Cleansing Set - DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, DHC Mild Soap
    The Classic Double Cleanse
    $35.00 ($45.00 value)
  5. DHC Mild Soap
    Mild Soap
  6. DHC Concentrated Eye Cream for premature aging,  fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet & dark circles
    Concentrated Eye Cream
    Special Price $29.00 Value $35.00
  7. DHC EGF Cream. Anti-aging peptide moisturizer promotes cell turnover, collagen & elastin production
    EGF Cream
    Special Price $75.00 Value $92.00

16 Items

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