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Brightness. Hydration. Radiance.

Our patented Dipeptide-8 complex delivers our highest concentration of micronized collagen to your skin’s top layer. These high-potency formulations revitalize skin with radiant results.

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Developed and patented in Japan, Dipeptide-8 is a smaller skin-firming collagen molecule that instantly absorbs to maximize hydration, promote elasticity and protect from free-radical damage. You’ll see a smoother and brighter-looking complexion.
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DHC Super Collagen Products

Super Collagen Supreme

An ultra-hydrating collagen elixir designed to combine oil’s nourishing and moisturizing qualities with serum’s easy absorption and targeted ingredients.

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DHC Super Collagen Products

Super Collagen Cream

Powerful, concentrated Dipeptide-8 collagen peptides meet a nourishing complex of moisturizing and brightening botanicals in this midweight cream for all skin types.

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Experience the Regimen


Remove makeup and eliminate impurities.


Lock in softness with Super Collagen Supreme’s innovative, weightless oil-serum.


Protect and brighten with Super Collagen Cream’s rich, botanical formula.

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