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Our Pore Collection embraces the clarifying benefits of grapefruit and orange peel extracts to minimize the look of pores and remove excess sebum. Our Japanese formulations gently target oily, combination and blemish-prone complexions to refine and soothe.

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  1. DHC Pore Lotion Facial Lotion
    Pore Lotion
  2. DHC Pore Milk - 2.7 fl oz bottle
    Pore Milk
  3. Clarifying Double Moisture
    The Clarifying Double Moisture
    $45.00 ($57.00 value)
  4. DHC The Invigorating Double Cleanse Set - Double Facial Cleansing Set for clear, small pores
    The Invigorating Double Cleanse
    $33.00 ($43.00 value)

6 Items

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