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  1. DHC The Classic Double Cleanse Set - Facial Cleansing Set - DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, DHC Mild Soap
    The Classic Double Cleanse

    From $35.00

    To $37.00

    ($66.00 value)
  2. DHC Rest & Recovery for Eyes Kit (Concentrated Eye Cream & Revitalizing Moisture Under Eye Strips)
    Rest and Recovery for Eyes Kit
    $36.00 ($45.00 value)
  3. DHC All-Over Moisture Set (Extra Nighttime Moisture, Concentrated Eye Cream, Lip Cream)
    All-Over Moisture Set
    $68.00 ($80.50 value)
  4. The Classic 4 Step Regimen
    The Classic 4-Step Regimen
    $79.00 ($104.00 value)
  5. DHC Best-Selling Beauty Essentials Set - Skincare set with cleanser, primer, cream & eye cream
    Bestselling Beauty Essentials Kit
    $95.00 ($123.00 value)
  6. DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set (Deep Cleansing Oil, Olive Face Soap, Mild Lotion, Olive Virgin Oil)
    Olive Essentials Travel Set
    $16.50 ($22.00 value)

10 Items

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