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Our Ingredients

We at DHC like to have fun, but we get serious when it comes to products and what goes into them. We take pride in formulating our basic skincare using the best ingredients and technologies available, and without parabens, colorants, or added fragrance. Our entire line was founded on the principles our first product: Olive Virgin Oil. It’s sourced from organic Spanish olives that are handpicked when they’re most rich in nutrients. The oil is extracted from the crush before the first cold pressing, then carefully filtered in our state-of-the-art labs in Japan. The result is the premium, non-comedogenic, organic virgin olive oil we continue to produce today.

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best products, made with exceptional ingredients and renown Japanese innovation, we apply the same high standards used in obtaining our olive oil to all our ingredients. To learn more about our ingredients, please visit our Skincare & Ingredients Glossary.